Lizards vs. Roaches

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Projects, Research, Waymaker

lizards vs. roachesLizards vs. Roaches isn’t clickbait. Believe it or not, we’re talking about research here.

That exact wording was found in notes taken during a recent series of focus groups we ran. Imagine the surprise and, honestly, the joy this little gem brought our communications director as he worked on compiling the findings report.

Deep, valuable insight

So, what’s with the lizards and roaches? It was paraphrasing, of course, but it related to a much deeper discussion about the strong preference of a focus group toward green living. This specific comment was regarding alternative pest control.

This discussion, combined with others in the focus group series, revealed that environmentally-friendly practices are critical to the target audience. We might have guessed that this would be important to some, but would never have known it’s crucial importance without running the focus groups.

I didn’t know you did that…

All too often (basically, every time) we tell someone we’re working on research or about the research we did the response is, “I didn’t know you did that.” It’s partially our fault. We could talk about it more; especially considering how much we love it… Sorry, research. But then again, not everyone shares our penchant for data, so we can’t assume it’s top-of-mind.

Driving, at night, with the lights off

Sounds dangerous, right? That’s what we think about communications plans without research. You’re trying to get from point A to point B, but can’t see where you’re going. Research helps turn on the lights and reveal what lies ahead.

Regardless of how you say it — strategic communications, full-service, marketing communications, integrated, comprehensive — we mean that we do it all. From start to finish and everything in between. And when we say “start,” we mean the very beginning (if you’re a Julie Andrews fan, that’s a very good place to start) with research.

This leaves us with questions for you: what don’t you know about your target audiences and what could research reveal?

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