It’s a tradition for us to get a little out there with our holiday greetings. We’ve rented a Santa (seriously). We’ve worn funny hats (obviously). We’ve green-screened ourselves (self-memeification sounds a little deviant), tested the limits of gravity and everything in between.

From a project standpoint, these cards generally involve a film- or photo-shoot, copywriting, design, web and social. After all, we’re a full-service communications firm. Invariably, each year we try to outdo the previous year’s card. Kevin ClueThey can’t all be slam dunks, but we have a lot, we mean A LOT, of fun with these.

This year was no different, but we didn’t stop with the card alone. If you’re here, you’re  looking for clues. If you’re not looking for clues, check this out. Otherwise, does anything seem suspicious? *hint –>

Waymaker Holiday Card 2016

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