The Short Turn-Around

Posted by on Jan 1, 2017 in secret

Move over Philip Marlowe. You found the missing content (the good laugh part is below); good work, Rookie!

Did you notice the cups?

Take this how you want, but 2016 was unforgettable. It’s no secret that we have mixed emotions about some of the events. That’s what lead us to think about whether the glass is half-full or, well, you know.

Still scratching your head?

Us too, a little. As much as possible, we focus on the positive. We think it gives us a good perspective. A healthy dose of pragmatism comes in handy too. With all the problems, issues and heartache that 2016 brought, there was still much to celebrate. Still much to be proud of and much to reflect fondly upon.

We’re looking forward to 2017 and all the possibility ahead of us. We, as a whole, may have taken our eyes off the ball in some aspects, but that just another opportunity for us all this year. Welcome to 2017, everyone. Get focused. Maybe refocused, and let’s make it awesome!

Let’s start by getting our creative juices flowing. Join us in a little fun…


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