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Think about the last time you were at a networking event or social gathering. What happens? Life altering conversation? Not usually. Enter small talk. Ugh!

Don’t take that the wrong way. After all, we communicate for a living. The disdain you sense is for the inevitable discussion about being busy.

How’re are you? How’s it going? How’s business?

Those icebreaker lazy questions (we can talk about productive networking another day) typically lead to an even lazier response: BUSY.

This may come with modifiers (so, too, way) or thinly veiled in symptoms (can’t seem to get caught up, we need more staff, what happened to <insert current month>, there’s never enough time), but it seems ubiquitous in casual conversation.

We’re not casting judgement, as we’re not immune from this plague… but we want to be better. We have so much to share that leaving it as “we’re busy,” just doesn’t cut it.

We ARE actually busy

It’s true, we’re actually very busy. Now, allow us to elaborate. Here are some awesome things we’ve been working on lately:

352arts BillboardWe’ve had the opportunity to work on some really cool projects with the City of Gainesville Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs over the past year: 352walls, Explore Historic Alachua County, and the 352Arts Roadmap.

Most recently we’ve been on According to the – if we do say so ourselves – awesome website, “ is your guide to all of the great cultural offerings in Gainesville, Florida and Alachua County.” We’re honored to help raise greater Gainesville’s cultural significance to new heights!

First Magnitude Brewing Company

First Magnitude CansWhen we say “nice cans,” we aren’t talking about the latest Trump embarrassment. Our nothing-to-be-ashamed-of-in-fact-very-awesome president, Tracy Bachmann, has led the charge on can design and we’re really happy with how they turned out.

Not pictured here is the most recent addition: Vega! Find Vega in a grocery store near you or at The Source, of course. If you stop in at First Magnitude, check out the new menu boards. We have so much fun working with First Mag and love watching them rock the beer world!


Research Findings ReportEvery great program is based in solid research. We love research and truly appreciate when our clients share that love. We’ve been working on a couple of deep-end projects lately.

We’ve had the chance to conduct interviews, run focus groups, code and interpret qualitative data. That all may sound boring (or even nerdy), but gathering this meaningful insight is so fun! In the end, we believe the primary research supports our clients in developing very strong communications programs.

So, yes. We are busy… But as they say, there’s more to the story. Want to know more? Give us a ring, or better yet, stop on by.

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