Vanilla Ice Had At Least One Thing Right

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Ideas, Waymaker

A wise man once said, “Stop. Collaborate and listen.

Listening is something we are VERY good at. It helps us to engage clients. It helps us to engage our client’s target audiences. It helps us to engage our community at-large.

Four-letter words

Alas, engagement has become somewhat of a four-letter word. It generates the same involuntary, negative nonverbal (sometimes verbal) response as synergy, innovate, gamify or authenticity.

Not that these are bad words, they’ve just been played to death. It’s like Nathaniel Rateliff’s last album. We couldn’t stop listening to it in our office. And now we can’t. We just can’t. We’ll, we can, it’s just out of heavy rotation.

To clarify we like what all the words above stand for. Their meanings aren’t lost on us, especially engagement, but we also like action. Taking engagement to the next level and connecting the dots, the bright ideas, and turning them into real, tangible results. So the real word we want to talk about is: CONNECT!

Waymaker creates ideas

Outcomes not outputs

Making things happen, not just making things, is what we’re talking about. This is a bigger topic, but it’s something we’d like to talk to you about. So, let’s… connect!

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